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A Roman Invasion in the Forum

A Roman Invasion in the Forum

The Seligman Marvellous Middle – A Roman Invasion!

On Thursday 24th May, Years 3 and 4 were transported to Ancient Rome during their Roman workshop in the aptly-named Forum! One of Caesar’s legionaries, Dominic, came to train the young barbarians in the Seligman building to become Roman soldiers.

Their training involved the following:

  • Learning what the Roman invasion was like.
  • Toughening up to withstand Roman discipline. (Dominic used a sword to keep the Barbarians in check – it was very effective!)
  • Learning about arms and armour.
  • Learning to drill with swords and shields following instructions in Latin.
  • Learning about and trying out different fighting formations.
  • Roman entertainment –board games.
  • Learning Roman numerals. 

The children had a wonderful day!

Dominic kept them thoroughly entertained and taught them lots of new information at the same time.