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'Back to School' for Mum and Dad

'Back to School' for Mum and Dad

It was lovely to welcome parents and grandparents from Years 5and 6 to our ‘Back to School’ event on Saturday 23rd March. The parents and grandparents all joined their children in Maths, ICT and DT where they had the opportunity to experience a lesson and work with their children.

In the ICT session, the children worked with the parents to code a Dinosaur Naming Algorithm in the programming language, Python. Mr Leach gave each child the code line-by-line and they then had to relay the information to their parents and explain what the computer was being asked to do at each step of the algorithm.  

In the Maths lesson the objective was to find all the nets of a cube. After studying the properties of a cube and a die (which is the singular of ‘dice’) each pair were given a set of 6 square polydrons with which they were to discover for themselves, and also to record on paper, any other nets of a cube that they found. One pair found all the possible nets and had time to move on to working out how many possible outcomes there are when one, two, three or even four dice are rolled at the same time. All the other pairs of parent and child came very close to finding all the nets of a cube, or actually did find them all. At the end there was just enough time to discuss the special way the six numbers on a standard die are arranged.  

In Design & Technology, the parents and their child teamed up to make an acrylic keyring out of a 3 layer 'sandwich' of coloured acrylic which had been pre-glued and roughly cut to shape for them. They had to linish (sand) the shape they wanted and then sand through 3 grades of sandpaper to get a really smooth finish. They then polished the acrylic and drilled a hole before attaching a key ring, which they proudly took home with them.  

Thank you to all the parents for coming along and taking part – it’s a very popular and lovely event enjoyed by all generations.