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CE Results and Scholarships

CE Results and Scholarships

Congratulations to all our Year 8s on their fantastic CE Results. There were a number of A*s and straight A results and all the children should be proud of what they achieved, securing places to their senior schools.

This year our Year 8s are going to eleven different schools including:








St Edward’s


Tudor Hall


A particular mention to N Lehmann and J Pearson-Gee for being awarded an Honory CE scholarship to Stowe for their outstanding achievement at CE, B Merritt for winning the prize in French to Rugby School and E Hindle and I Odeniran for Uppingham for their ‘highly meritorious’ performance at CE.   

There have been 12 scholarships and exhibitions awarded to some of the top schools in the country in Academic, Sport, Design & Technology and Music:

R Colebrook - Sports Exhibition to Stowe School 

G Dicks - Sports Scholarship to Bloxham School  

L Fagan - Sports Scholarship to Rugby School  

M Hawker - Academic Scholarship to Uppingham 

T Hoskins - DT Exhibition to Malvern College  

E Jones - Headmasters’ Award to Bloxham School  

L Leetham - Sports Scholarship to Uppingham  

T Mayo - Sports Exhibition to Stowe School  

J Pearson-Gee - Music Scholarship to Stowe School (and awarded Honorary CE Scholarship for her CE Results)  

O Shepherd-Smith - Academic Scholarship to Stowe  

P West - Sports Exhibition to St Edward’s School 

I Wilson - Academic Scholarship to Malvern College