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Farewell to our Y8s!

Farewell to our Y8s!

We say a fond farewell to all the Year 8s as they go onto their new schools. They have worked really hard and this year’s results were very impressive. We are so proud of all those children who have worked so hard to achieve their potential and beyond. 

We do hope you all keep in touch!

D Affleck  - Bloxham
H Barker – Tudor Hall
S Bateman - Uppingham
O Bicknell – Stowe 
E Cairns – St Edward’s
R Colebrook - Sports Exhibition to Stowe 
M Cowper Hart - Stowe
G Dicks - Sports Scholarship to Bloxham
L Donald – Tudor Hall
I Drury Davies - Rugby
L Fagan - Sports Scholarship to Rugby
M Glencairn-Campbell - Oundle
C Grattan-Cooper - Bloxham
M Hawker - Academic Scholarship to Uppingham
E Hindle - Uppingham
T Hoskins - DT Exhibition to Malvern College
G Jarman – Stowe 
E Jones - Headmasters’ Award to Bloxham 
L Leetham - Sports Scholarship to Uppingham
N Lehmann – Stowe (Awarded Honorary Scholarship for his CE results)
T Mayo - Sports Exhibition to Stowe 
H McLure - Stowe
B Merritt - Rugby
A Milligan- Rugby
I Odeniran - Uppingham
J Pearson-Gee - Music Scholarship to Stowe (Also awarded Honorary Scholarship for her CE results)
I Reeder - Stowe
A Richmond-Watson – Uppingham
G Rowbotham - Headington
S Sharman – St Edward’s
O Shepherd-Smith - Academic Scholarship to Stowe
J Stevenson – Tudor Hall
L Taylor - Stowe
J Travis - Bedford
O Voshchinskiy – St Edward’s
H Wade – Radley 
P West - Sports Exhibition to St Edward’s School
I Wilson – Academic Scholarship to Malvern College
M Woolley - Rugby
R Youngman Sullivan - Rugby