The School Council

The council is made up of two or three representatives from each year in Years 3-8. Council representatives are voted for in the first weeks of the academic year. Volunteers give a short speech to their year groups outlining why they would like to represent them on the council and their peers then vote. The representatives take their roles very seriously and approach ascertaining the most popular items in their year group to put forward for the agenda with really commendable regard for the responsibility they have. The minutes for each School Council meeting are shared with all pupils and published publicly. Many good ideas have been put forward for consideration and council members are encouraged to respond to one another’s suggestions, with council members often providing valuable comments and feedback on others’ points raised.

Amongst many outcomes from the School Council over the last two or three years are: improved provision of snacks; a much-improved playground environment for Years 3 and 4; new activities within the activities programme; and a Problem Box.

The following have been elected to stand on the School Council for 2018-2019. Congratulations to:  

  • Year 8 : J Pearson-Gee & M Woolley
  • Year 7 : J Smith & T Flanagan
  • Year 6 : G Pidgeon & K Hewetson
  • Year 5 : T Pearson-Gee & C Butters   
  • Year 4 : H Jarman & N Morgan (Vice Captains, C Vaughn & F Arroyo-Jefferson)
  • Year 3 : J Godber & O van Rooyen