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Seligman Victorian Day

Seligman Victorian Day

On Thursday 6th June, the children in Years 3 and 4 were transported back in time to spend a day in Victorian England.

They were met by the very strict Miss Susan, who ushered them into the Hall in silence. They learnt about the expanding British Empire and Britain’s role in developing trade around the world in Queen Victoria’s long reign. Following that they were all given a dancing lesson and are now all experts at doing the waltz! They learnt how to behave and dance at a Victorian ball.

After their dance lesson, the children looked at Victorian artefacts, such as a chamber pot, a flat iron and carbolic soap. They all experienced life in a Victorian classroom with Miss Susan (after paying one old penny for their day’s school fees!). They also took part in a quiz to extend and test their knowledge.

During the afternoon there was an opportunity to play Victorian games in the playground and there was an old-time music hall to finish.

All in all, a wonderful day!