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Speaking from Experience

Speaking from Experience

At the end of each term, our Sports' team Captains are invited to speak to their peers and teachers about their experience as Captains.

At the end of Summer term, S Howard (Rounders Captain) and A Saunders (Cricket Captain) spoke honestly and insightfully to other pupils during the end of term assembly. Both captains reiterated how proud they had been of all the teams, whilst also thaking the many staff members who help them achieve the best, every week.

Please see the team captain speeches below - 

Overall, this rounders season has been a very successful one. Unlike last year, we have been able to play most of our matches thanks to the amazing weather.The first team had a great season in both sports. They beat Akeley Wood U14A Team which is very good to beat the year above. Despite a majority of playing cricket and rounders, it's safe to say that the girls have done very well considering the contrasts of sports. They have learned a new sport and I hope they can carry on with it. The 3rd team, captained by O Peppiatt also played Akeley Wood’s 2nd Team and beat them by 10 rounders which is very impressive. The Junior A team, captained by T Flanagan did extremely well to come away with an unbeaten season and overall scoring 117 rounders. The Junior B Team did very well by scoring 132 rounders and only conceded 90. They only lost 2 games and played 10. Their biggest win was by 9 rounders against Broughton Manor prep school, which was against their A Team! The Junior C Team had a successful season with one of their highlights being winning a home hosted tournament. Finally, the Under 9A and B teams had a fun season learning a new sport and playing it competitively. In total, we have scored a whopping 590 rounders this season. Cricket this year, also being a new sport to most of the girls, has been a great experience for all of us. Our 1st Team started off the season with a development game at Pinewood which definitely helped us get into the swing of the game. Our last pair against Swanbourne were relied on to win the game. We ended up winning a very tough game by two wickets which was a great way to start off the season. The Junior A team which was captained my C Wakeford a year young, had a great cricket season and their biggest highlight was winning the Rugby school festival of Cricket. All of the Year 8 girls ended the season with an enjoyable but competitive game of rounders against our parents which I am pleased to say we won. Finally, I’d like to thank all the coaches for being so supportive, the groundsmen who kept our pitches playable, also Aldo and his team who provide us with lovely match teas, Miss Hickman for organising our fixtures and many thanks to Miss Goater and Mrs Stoop who had to put up with us in cricket and rounders even when we were complaining about the heat. But finally, I would especially like to thank all the girls for making my last season such a memorable and fun one. It has been a pleasure to captain the 1st rounders and cricket this term this term. S Howard, Year 8 

Coached by Mr Woodcock, the 1st XI have endured a tough season with a determined young team, with many disappointments, but we have some enlightening moments to reflect on. Such as, S Bateman’s half century against Pinewood, H Wade’s 6fer, B Merrit’s 48 and N Shillington’s multiple strong innings at the top of the order that later earned him his full colours. A big highlight would have to be two girls playing in the first team for the first time in the 40 years that girls have been at WHS.   Coached by Mr Riley and captained by X Stothard, the 2nd XI have had a good season winning 5 of their 9 matches. Some highlights being A Milligan’s hat trick and X Stothard’s 62 not out.   Mr Silman coached an enthusiastic 3rd XI that won 3 and lost 5. I’m sure their enthusiasm will be carried forward into their next season.   The Colts A were coached by Mr Stoop and captained by O Southan. They played exciting cricket throughout the season winning seven of their twelve matches. There has been many exceptional innings between Olly and Digby, multiple 50’s between each other having some ridiculous averages. Special mentions go to W Milligan for being the only year 5 in the team and S Wakeford for being the only girl to feature in the colts this season.   The Colts B, coached by Mr Irvine and captained by H Leetham had the best season out of all the boys’ teams at WHS. Only losing two of their 10 matches. There has been some spectacular moments including a hat trick by F Rowbotham, a 50 from L Tuckey and a century by S Shortridge. The Colts B should be very proud of the cricket they have played.   The Colts C were coached by Mr Price and played with a drive of wanting to do well. They trained hard and they won 3 of their 7 matches.   From watching the Colts D play, I can see their potential. Coached by Mr Jennings they won 4 of their 8 matches.   The U9 squad were coached by Mr Silman and Mr Whatmore and they played some good cricket with great potential amongst them. A special mention to  Shortridge for hitting 6 4s in one over.   I would like to give my thanks on behalf of all the boys and girls that have been involved in cricket teams, to the housekeeping staff, the grounds men for always working on our wicket whenever the weather was bad, Sister Wendy for helping with all the injuries, Aldo and his team for preparing match teas and finally to all of the coaches for their efforts with coaching their teams this season. It’s been a great honour to be Captain of Cricket and I wish next year’s captain the best of luck. There is great potential at WHS and I’m sure you will all have great seasons ahead. A Saunders, Year 8