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Tudor Explorers in Seligman

Tudor Explorers in Seligman

On Tuesday 5th February the children in the Seligman had a real treat. Emma from Sulgrave Manor came to visit us so she could tell us all about Tudor explorers. First of all we split into groups and looked at various objects which Tudor sailors would have used to help them explore new lands:

There was a traverse board, which measured direction as well as speed every half hour over a period of 4 hours. There was a log line which measured the speed the boat was going in knots. There was a 30 minute sand timer.    

There was an astrolabe (not a real one!) This was a tool which used the positions of the stars or sun to help explorers and sailors work out where they were by measuring the distance of the sun and stars above the horizon. 

Finally, there was a sundial which is the oldest known instrument for telling time. Sailors would line it up with ‘North’ and use shadows falling on the markings on the sundial to tell the time – not very useful if there wasn’t any sun! 

We then went outside to have a go at pretending we were in a boat in windy conditions. We had to measure our speed and the direction we were travelling in using a compass and log line. It was great fun! As you can see from the photos, we had a wonderful time and learnt lots of new things. Thank you to Emma for such a great workshop and to Miss Smith for organising it.