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Who's your Mummy?!

Who's your Mummy?!

We ended the Michaelmas Term with a production of ‘Who’s the Mummy?’ Year 3 children played Ancient Egyptian characters; there was a pharaoh and his queen, mummies, embalmers, apothecarists, guards and narrators. Year 4 played modern day characters, including children, teachers, and professors. Some of the children had LOTS of lines to learn!

We had all worked hard during our Drama lessons with Mrs Easterbrook and had several rehearsals during the week leading up to the performance.  We had a dress rehearsal in front of Year 2. They really enjoyed it and the Year 2 staff were really impressed with our performances. We enjoyed wearing our fabulous costumes, lots of which Mrs White had helped to make. The stage background looked great with an amazing life-sized Ancient Egyptian column and pharaoh paintings we had done in our Art lessons with Mrs Kennedy and Mr Till.

On the night of our performance in front of our parents we all felt very nervous, but we pulled out all the stops and the show went really well. We enjoyed singing the songs we had learnt in our lessons with Mr and Mrs Jones and it was great to get such a good reaction from our parents, especially to the funny parts in the play. Our teachers and parents were very proud of us.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped us, including our parents for being such a great audience and helping us to learn our lines!

Some comments from the children:

"It was amazing! It was an excellent play."

"I thought the police moustaches were cool!"

"Fantastic! Wonderful! I want to do it again!"

"My dad said it was brilliant! My mum said it was incredible!"

"My mum said all of us spoke really clearly."

"My parents made me tell them the jokes again!"