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January 2020
This January as part of our new Green Initiative, we are pleased to provide each
child at Winchester House with a complimentary Winchester House water bottle.
As we become more environmentally conscious we are reducing the amount of
single-use plastic we use at Winchester House and teaching the children about the
small steps they can take to become more eco-friendly.
The children will be expected to bring their bottle in every day and they can refill it
from the new water stations that are positioned around the school. Drinking water is
a vital part of healthy living, so we will encourage children to drink water regularly.
We will not provide disposable water glasses at school events so children will be
expected to use their bottles at these occasions too and this will help reduce the
amount of waste we produce.
We will launch further green initiatives later this year as the School continues to
focus on reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment.