Special Education Needs and Gifted & Talented
All children at Winchester House School work within mainstream classes with access to a wide ranging curriculum.

Quality First Teaching is our priority and classwork in all subject areas is differentiated for all levels of ability. If required, children are often supported either in small groups or individually by subject teachers, the special educational needs co-ordinator or specialist support teachers and assistants. Extra support takes place either in class, in catch- up or booster groups or individual one to one programmes. We aim to run as many support groups as possible early in a morning and/or during prep or activities to avoid pupils missing lessons, however, this is sometimes unavoidable, depending on the type of support.

Children are screened either before or on entry to the school and all pupils from Year 1 upwards are screened annually using standardised tests. Children can be further assessed if any concern is expressed by teachers or parents and Learning Support staff are always available to discuss any concerns and progress.

Pupil abilities and progress are discussed and monitored on a regular basis and those who are considered to be gifted, talented or more able are given ample opportunities to extend their skills and be provided with sufficient challenge through the provision of opportunities offering enrichment (breadth), extension (depth) and acceleration (pace). A wide range of both internal and external opportunities are made available in order that all pupils are both stimulated and stretched.