Modern Foreign Languages
French is currently the key Modern Foreign language taught at Winchester House School from Reception (4-5yr olds) through to Year 8 (12-13 yr olds)

From this early starting point, we strive to inspire, motivate and enrich our pupils with an insight into the French language and its associated cultures .

We are a dynamic department, which adapts and regularly reviews its interactive, multisensory teaching approach. French is a lively and successful area of the curriculum which prides itself on its excellent academic success and its well-established reputation as a flagship for good practice.

The subject is taught by specialist teachers throughout the school. We are four native speakers and our aim is to deliver our lessons primarily in French.

A lively, interactive approach ensures a motivating and challenging learning experience. Equal emphasis is given to the four skill areas of the language, as appropriate: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

French promotes skills that go far beyond pure language acquisition. It encourages confidence, promotes oracy, literacy and numeracy. It also helps develop social skills and engages pupils' interests in the wider world inspiring an appetite for communication.

Beyond the classroom.....

We subscribe to various Modern Language websites including linguascope and languagenut. These multi-lingual, interactive resources provide valuable learning fun for many of our younger and older learners offering ICT extension of their language learning or for independent study in free time and holidays. There are live radio stations and French television channels on offer too and a wide range of French traditional board games are available in our classrooms. We aim to marry traditional learning approaches within the increasing need to prepare our learners for 21st Century application.

We are fortunate to have large Modern Foreign Language classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards and projectors which facilitate the classroom usage of our ICT resources.

The department offers a wide variety of regular extra language opportunities and shows a commitment to raising pupils' awareness of French beyond the classroom.

Recent events include:

Residential trip to Normandy on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day 06/06/14-09/06/14 for Year 8.

Leavers’ Modern Foreign Language (MFL) programme for Year 8

Linguatrivia- National annual MFL competition for Year 7.

French café run at Advent Fayre by Year 7

Spanish optional lessons for Year 6

Fun with Portuguese activity for Year 5 & 6

Malvern School Language Day for Year 5

Showcase French song and performance by Year 4

Whole School Christmas Topic competition- Michaelmas 2013 Year 3-8

There have been Cross-Curricular Whole School Days. Disney Theme- Lent 2014 and World Cup 2014 theme where pupils were involved in French drama, singing and Shadow puppet role plays in French.

To sum up...

At Winchester House, we believe in...

Encouraging a love of the language through an enthusiastic and committed delivery and embracing diversity to extend pupils to attain their full potential whatever their level of language on entry.

More importantly perhaps we motivate our young learners through our own sense of fun, purpose, success and above all, passion.