Music at Winchester House is for everyone.  Both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities are buzzing, fun and vibrant and we seek to inspire all levels and ages of musicians, right from our youngest pupils in Pre-Prep through to our high-flying Year 8s seeking Music scholarships in future schools.  Our specialist Music teachers and impressive facilities in the Music School offer children wonderful opportunities to grow and to become the best musicians that they can be.

Pre-Prep Music 

Pre-Prep pupils enjoy a whole host of musical experiences including a curriculum based around play and movement in music through which we strive to ignite in them a passion for music-making.  Their additional weekly singing sessions prepare them for upcoming plays and performances – such as the Nativity – and expose them to the joys of performing with others.  At the end of Year 2, pupils receive demonstrations on a variety of different instruments they may consider taking up as they progress to the Upper School.

Upper School Music

From the Samba Music of Rio de Janeiro to the Symphonies of Beethoven to the film music of John Williams, Upper School curriculum Music exudes the breadth and depth that pupils need and enjoy for their musical development.  Through composition, listening, performance and appraising, children have the opportunities to discover where their musical talents and passions lie and given the necessary tools to pursue them.  

Our extra-curricular music programme boasts a wide range of activities on offer to the children to further their musical education. 

At WHS, we boast an impressive 2/3rd of our Upper School children learning a musical instrument and see excellent ABRSM results every term. Weekly rehearsals for our many instrumental ensembles prepare children for regular concerts throughout the term for all ages and stages, ranging from our informal lunchtime concerts through to our higher-profile end-of-term concerts and occasional CD recordings.  

Likewise, vocalists will not be disappointed as they can attend a variety of different choirs including, for Years 5-8, our auditioned choir,'Cantoris'. Highlights of the term normally include church services including a carol service in Hyde Park London, inter-house competitions with visiting adjudicators, plays and musicals.  Our older children also have the chance to take leadership roles in events such as performances in the community and the immensely popular ‘House Shout’, organised entirely by our Year 8s, allowing our most gifted musicians to really fly.

Music Tours

Every two years, The Music Department puts on exciting trips for 'Cantoris', which previously included touring France and Holland.  In May 2017, ‘Cantoris’ will be touring The Rhineland, Germany, showing off their vocal talent to new audiences on the continent as part of culturally-immersive experience for the children.

Beyond Winchester House

It is our aim that every child leaves Winchester House with a passion for Music and a love for learning the subject.  We aim to have exposed our pupils to as wide a range of musical experiences as possible.  For some, this leads to them winning music scholarships at their future schools. For many, it results in them leaving WHS with an impressive set of ABRSM grades under their belt.  But for all, our desire is that pupils leave with a firm musical understanding and a hunger to participate in and enjoy more and more music in the future as they pursue their own musical ambitions. 

Daniel Jones – Director of Music and Arts