Religious Studies
In an age when declining church congregations seems a regular feature on news bulletins, many might question the relevance of Religious Studies in any school curriculum.

Yet, when facing a traumatic, frightening or simply worrying moment (big exam, family bereavement etc), many of us would admit to praying in some form, even if we don’t necessarily know whom or what we are praying to. 

At Winchester House, we believe that children must be equipped to make moral decisions and that a full, rounded education must not ignore the influence of all the major religions on the development of human society. In fact, informed religious understanding is more necessary than ever in 21st century, multi-cultural Britain.

Winchester House is a school with a Christian ethos.  We have a Chapel which Upper School children attend regularly.  Pre-prep assemblies are often based around Bible stories and the children sing a (Christian) song each week, linked in with the assembly topic.  We say a prayer at the end of each Upper school assembly. We maintain close links with St Peter’s Church, Brackley, and we are fortunate to be able to make use of the church for our Carol Service and Family Service, marking the end of the school year, in July.   

As an academic subject, RS is taught in discrete lessons until Year 6 as part of which the children study all five major world religions (Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism and Christianity).  In Years 7 & 8, the curriculum focus is directed specifically towards religious and moral education. Taking Christianity as a starting point, children are encouraged to consider how to explore ethical questions through discussion with their peers and staff. The tutor team is closely involved in this part of the programme so as to be able to make explicit links with PSHCE. There are also well-established voluntary lunch time discussion groups for children in these years which are commonly attended by the whole year group.

We are confident that all children leave Winchester House with a strong, personal moral compass.