Pastoral Care Overview

Pastoral care of the individual child lies at the centre of all we do. We take pride in nurturing a genuine school community with the safety, happiness and wellbeing of every child at its heart.


Small Tutor Groups

Our tutor groups lie at the heart of our pupils’ experiences at Winchester House. Small groups of children are cared for by dedicated tutors who are the first point of call for pupils, parents and staff should issues arise. Tutors are responsible for the well-being of their tutees and meet with them several times a day to touch base, celebrate what’s going well, assist with any struggles they may have and help with day-to-day matters, too. 


Our Well-Being Mentor


We have a Well-Being Mentor – someone that children can visit to talk about feelings and share any worries they may have. Mrs Gray, our Well-Being Mentor, can be found in ‘The Cupboard', a cosy room located between the School Office and Chapel and offers someone to listen to them and support. Pupils’ well-being is of the utmost importance to us and Mrs Gray’s door is always open should someone need a chat.


Circle of Support

We have developed the Winchester House ‘Circle of Support’ that outlines different people, opportunities and resources for supporting children and procedures that have been put into place. To view our 'Circle of Support' please click here


The Winchester House Way

We encourage all children to live their lives according to the Winchester House Way and encourage positive behaviour based on these values.


The Buddy Bench

For our younger children, colourful benches can be found in the playgrounds that helps children who wish to be included  in games be easily identified so they can be included by other children. Staff and children always keep an eye out for anyone using these benches so no one is ever without a buddy!


Peer Mediation

We have recently introduced Peer Mediation to WHS – a programme for our children where they are taught strategies to deal with conflict and coping mechanisms for low level disagreements / disputes. Through discussions, role plays and video clips children will be encouraged to talk about problems and how problems can be overcome. We encourage the children to listen to each other’s stories and work with their friends and tutors to pro-actively deal with any quarrels or upsets.  They will be given simple skills that will enable them to manage and minimise disputes; life skills that will help them both at WHS and beyond. As part of this programme some of the children in Year 6, 7 and 8 have volunteered and have been selected to be “Peer Mediators”. Their job is to be visible in the playground and be available to help mediate any minor quarrels amongst younger children. Their aim is not to solve issues, but purely to create a calm situation so the children involved can find a positive solution. All of the programme will be monitored and managed by trained member of staff.


House System

In addition to children being nurtured within Tutor Groups, every child from Reception to Year 8 is also placed in a House. Bryant, Gascoigne, Leachman and Priestland Houses are headed up by staff House Leaders and pupil Heads of House whose job it is to encourage their Houses to win lots of House Points for good behaviour and work and to cheer them on at the myriad of House events throughout the year. The House system provides children with a community of children of a variety of different ages and promotes healthy competition throughout the School.


School Nurse

Winchester House School Medical Care - Wendy Bull is a Registered Nurse with 32 years of nursing experience. She has worked in a variety of hospital and community settings including 14 years as a Practice Nurse and 5 years in school nursing. Her qualifications include a BSc(Hons) Nursing and Registered General Nurse (RGN). In addition, Wendy is one of only 1500 school nurses in England and Wales with a post graduate specialist qualification in school nursing, PGDiploma Specialist Community Public Health Nurse. Wendy is supported by a very experienced team of first aid trained Matrons. The medical team liaise closely with the Houseparents and pastoral team. 


Pastoral Management Group

A team of staff meet weekly to discuss our pupils’ wellbeing. The team is comprised of staff from across all walks of the School and aims to proactively identify any issues as early as possible and put in place strategies to help any children who may be struggling. The team is focused on safeguarding, maintaining excellent pastoral record-keeping through our use of the ‘Portal’, which is monitored daily and continuously trying to develop our already outstanding pastoral care at Winchester House.


School and Boarding Councils

Groups of pupils of all ages make up the two councils at school, which act as a voice of the pupil body. Meetings happen regularly throughout the year and pupils have the chance to feed back their suggestions of school improvements to members of the Leadership Group. Our pupils are always buzzing with good ideas and have influenced key areas of the school such as food choices, playground equipment and our behaviour policy.