The Boarding Houses

Drayton is a happy and relaxed boarding house for girls. We aim to help the girls become more independent so that they leave for their senior schools confident and polite, having had the chance to fulfil important roles in the wider house community.

Together, the children and staff create a family atmosphere that means it doesn’t matter how old you are or how new you are to school, you are sure to receive a great welcome and be well looked after.

There are three dorms, Gray, Harwood and Wilson, which the girls take great pride in covering with their own photos and pictures! The girls’ house is their home, so getting the right balance between work, play and relaxation is essential. In the evenings the girls are given plenty of time to relax and simply be with their friends, while games, activities and movie nights are organised across the week. They are also given the responsibility of performing certain tasks to keep the house running smoothly. Each girl is given 15 minutes’ reading before lights out to help them unwind after the busy day.

The houseparents are Daniel Jones (Director of Music & Arts) and his wife, Rachel Jones, and the assistant housemistress is Sue Franklin (also Pre-Prep Learning Development Coordinator). They are assisted by two lovely gap students (seen almost as big sister figures by the girls) and by house tutors, all of whom help to create an atmosphere that fosters the school’s core values. 

The House

The House is an excellent place for our boys to learn to be independent as well as sensitive towards others. Found on the top floor of the beautiful old manor house, the best thing about it is without doubt its homely, family atmosphere. It is the boys’ home for several months of the year so we don’t underestimate the importance of having fun! The extensive activity programme, inter-house competition and in-house tournaments are great ways to let off steam while table football, air hockey and quieter board games are also available. All boys are given some quiet time to read before lights out.

The House also operates a very effective system with the oldest boys in the house appointed as Dorm Captains whose role is to support the younger boys. They are excellent role models who often become friends with the younger boys and help them through the various challenges of the day, which include learning how to make their own bed, sort out dirty clothes, look after their uniform and keep everything neat and tidy.

The houseparents are Shelley Irvine (who teaches PE and Games) and husband Craig Irvine (Upper School teacher). They are supported by Sue Franklin (Assistant Houseparent) and by Clare Bishop (the residential matron) as well as by gap students who play an important role in helping things tick over smoothly and who also act as older brother and sister figures to the boys.