Types of Boarding & the steps to happy Boarders
The steps to happy weekly boarders are carefully considered in order to strike the balance between the flexibility modern families often seek and the child gaining the huge benefits that come with routine and an established boarding community.
Trial Boarding

If your child is wondering what boarding is like but doesn't want to make a commitment yet, trial nights are an ideal way to come and try it out. 

Each term’s programme of trial boarding nights for Years 3-7 proves very popular, with many children taking advantage. Trial boarding nights are free of charge, up to a maximum of 4 nights in a child’s time at the school.

Flexi Boarding

This is available in Year 3 and allows full flexibility on a ‘hotel basis’ to help lead children into occasional boarding.

Occasional Boarding

Occasional boarding means committing to a regular boarding night, or nights, each week and many of our weekly boarders start out as occasional boarders.  From Year 6, children who board should aim for at least 2 nights a week.

The ability for pupils to board on an occasional basis is an important part of school life and of a child’s preparation for weekly boarding in the future. Occasional boarders can join in all the fun of ‘Opt In Weekends’, just as weekly boarders can. Occasional boarding is available from Year 3 until the end of the Lent term in Year 7.

Weekly Boarding

Staying 5 nights a week, our weekly boarders are the core around whom so much of the houses’ success is built. They clearly love their boarding experience and often stay in school at ‘Opt In Weekends’ to enjoy the social activities on offer with their friends.

One of our main aims in terms of boarding at Winchester House is to prepare a child fully to make the most of boarding life at a senior school. This is best done by children being happily and confidently established as boarders before leaving us. Therefore the more time they are boarding with us, the more time we can help to achieve this end.

Weekly boarding is available at any point from Year 3 onwards and is the only type of boarding available to children in their last 4 terms at the top end of the school.