Food and Nutrition
Throughout their time at Winchester House children are encouraged to enjoy a wide repertoire of foods and dishes. All meals are freshly prepared in our kitchen and the emphasis is on homemade dishes with a minimum of processed food.

Winchester House is delighted to announce a new catering partnership with Thomas Franks.

Healthy eating is a vital part of school life and we believe that delicious and nutritious food plays a huge part in wellbeing and this in turn leads to happy and productive children. After a thorough review of catering arrangements, we have appointed Thomas Franks who will be providing freshly cooked, heathy and tasty meals. Thomas Franks’ nutritionist, Julia Hayes, advises all the chefs to understand the nutritional needs of children and to ensure our menus offer a wide variety of healthy options across the whole school day. 

“The kitchen will be a hive of activity where all the dishes and ingredients are freshly prepared and even the salad dressings are made from scratch” (Thomas Franks) 

95% of all our dishes will be freshly prepared on site using natural raw ingredients.  Our food will be freshly cooked using healthier cooking techniques such as stir-frying, steaming and baking, rather than frying or boiling. We will reduce salt by flavouring with herbs and spices and reduce sugar by flavouring with dried fruit and the natural sweetness of honey and root vegetables. 

“Part of the way we encourage healthy eating is to provide beautifully cooked food with plenty of variety and fresh fruit and vegetables, but we also use hidden vegetables or disguise them with delicious sauces.” (Thomas Franks) 

We will use fresh ingredients using the very best quality, local and seasonal produce to ensure we provide wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals. 

Meal time:

Meal times are an important part of school life. Each meal starts and ends with grace and our ‘family service’ style, where staff sit with the children, means we can actively encourage good table manners, politeness and engaging mealtime conversation. Staff are also on-hand to help encourage children when trying new food and ensure all children eat a balanced meal. 

Special Dietary Requirements:

We recognise that there are an increasing number of pupils and staff that suffer from food allergies and intolerances. Our robust management procedures ensure that we can cater safely for all dietary requirements and religious beliefs. 

Outside the dining room:

We will continue to promote healthy eating outside the dining room with workshops and assemblies to provide children and parents with a deeper and long-lasting insight into the benefits of healthy eating and encourage them to develop a life-long love of good food. 

Healthy snacks:

As well as main meals, children enjoy morning and afternoon snacks that include cheese straws, pigs in blankets, apple wedges and berry milkshake. 

Recipe ideas:

We have been extremely pleased with the positive feedback regarding our new caterers. 'Coffee and Catch Up' was hugely popular at the beginning of term and we thought you would like us to share a recipe idea with you...

  • Healthy Lemon, Date & Coconut Energy Balls

Please click on the image below to view the recipe card.


Wrap around care – breakfast and tea:

Our Early Birds Breakfast Club, which is free of charge, offers the opportunity for all children to arrive at WHS from 7.45am for breakfast.

All children in Years 3-8 can enjoy a hot tea, free of charge, and stay until 6.30pm. For Pre-Prep children, we also offer After School Club that includes a hot tea. This needs to be booked in advance. For costs and details, please click here ( 

This week’s menu:

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To view the Thomas Franks and WHS partnership brochure, please click on the image below.