Welcome to Reception
Highly qualified and experienced Early Years staff deliver a rich and varied curriculum which develops firm foundations for learning, based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS). Within our Early Years Department which includes Nursery and Reception, we offer children highly creative, play-based learning experiences across all seven areas of learning within the Early Years Framework, which enable their confidence, self-esteem and independence to flourish.  Our children explore, investigate, observe and discover in both the inside and outside learning environments.

Close links within the Early Years Department ensure a smooth transition from Nursery to Reception.

Building on the firm foundations in Nursery we introduce a structured programme of rigorous synthetic phonics teaching alongside the Kinetic Letters programme, which facilitates the speedy acquisition of early reading skills as well as a more formal ‘learning to write’ experience.

The happy, ‘hands-on’, engaging atmosphere encourages children to be creative and to discover and explore the world around them. The children move between the indoor and outdoor environments covering all seven areas of learning within the Early Years Framework, building on their skills from Nursery to become independent, confident, enquiring learners.

Opportunities for quality outdoor learning are maximised and children continue to enjoy a weekly ‘Going Wild’ session engaging in activities such as den making, exploration of natural materials in our ‘mud kitchen’, scavenger hunts and tree climbing. As well as Music and PE specialist teaching, a weekly French lesson is now introduced. Educational visits to support our topics provide stimulating and rewarding contexts for learning opportunities.