The Upper School Overview
At the start of Year 3, aged 7+, children join the Upper School.  The transition from Pre Prep is very carefully managed and Years 3 and 4 classrooms are in a separate, purpose built block with its own clearly defined playground and play equipment. 

Classroom teachers teach the core subjects in sets within this safe and familiar building, but the children do start to travel about the rest of the school for specialist lessons such as French, Music and Art.  There is no Saturday school for Year 3 and Year 4; this is introduced in Year 5*

Once they are in Year 5, aged 9+, the children are taught by specialists in all subjects and therefore learn to move around the Upper School for all their lessons.  Tutor groups are deliberately very small (typically around 12), so as to ensure that every child has sufficient daily contact with one teacher who knows them well and can oversee their pastoral and academic development.  Play areas become bigger and more spread out, allowing for the greater size and maturity of the children.  It is amazing to watch how quickly the children adapt to the increase in independence and take full advantage of the stimulation of the specialist teaching.

The whole Upper School (all children from Years 3 to 8) meets weekly for assembly on Monday morning.  Chapel is held on Thursdays on a rotation system: one week for Years 3 & 4, the next for Years 5 & 6 and the third for Years 7 & 8.  There is also an assembly on Saturday mornings for Years 5-8.

*Please note, we have recently launched our vision for Winchester House 2020. The most significant development is that from September 2019 there will no longer be academic lessons on a Saturday. Please click here for further details.